Vegan Supplement Resource

Below is a list of products that we use at the clinic to assist our vegan patients… we hope you find this list a valuable resource:


• BioActivated Magnesium – ok for vegans

* Phyta D – ok for vegans

• ProFlora – no animal derivative in final products however does in raw material

• SB Pro – ok for vegans

·Protein Complete – ok for vegans

Pure Innovation

The entire range is suitable for vegans (now that the Vitamin D has been discontinued)

Orthoplex – Below is a list of all the products that are suitable for vegans (the rest of the range is not):

  Adenosine 60 Tabs

 Androtone 60 Tabs

 Activated B6  50 C

 Biogesia 30 Tabs

 B Vital  150Gm

 Cardian Formula 50 Tabs

 Cardiopro 90 Tabs

 Chelatox 120 Tabs

 Childrens Formula 100Gm

 Cytogammon 50Mg 60Caps

 Eyerite 60Tabs

 Gastric Buffer 200Gm

 Glucosamine 750 60 Caps

 Glucosamine 750 150 Caps

 Glutamine Complex  60 Tab

 H.E.M.E. Formula 100 Tabs

 H.G.F. Formula 60 Tabs

 Inhibin 50 Tabs

 Inkephalin 60 Tabs

 Longeve-T 60 Tabs

 Lymphodran Formula 50T

 Lymphodran Plus 60 Tabs

 Magopticell 150Gm

 Magopticell 300Gm

 Mineral Matrix 60 T (W/Selen)

 Mitolift 60 Tabs

Oestroclear 60 Tabs

Repairase 100Gm

Parachol Plus 60T

Same 200 Mg 30 Tabs

Selenium Drops 50Ml

S.F.M. Thyroid & Adrenal Support  60Tabs

Taurine 500 Mg 60 Tabs

Thermo Light 500Gm

Ultra Buffered C Powder 200Gm 

Ultra Buffered C Powder 450Gm

Zinc Lozenge 100 Lozenges

Zinc Status 100Ml

Zymin 200Ml


• All Minerals (except for Potassium Chloride – Duo mineral PCIP is ok ) are suitable for vegans and contain no lactose.

• Super B Liquid – Glycerine is vege derived so ok for vegans

Sunray – OK for vegans

• Sublingual B12 Liquid

• Folic Acid Liquid

• MeCo (activated B12 liquid)

Optimal RX – ok for vegans

  • ·Zinc ACE
  • ·Mg Revive
  • ·Defence Complete
  • · Nervine Calm


We have sourced vegan friendly supplements for particular categories so I have included these below:


Pure Innovation – Iron


Sunray Sublingual B12

Sunray MeCo



BioMedica BioActivated Magnesium

Pure Innovation Mag Citrate

Optimal Rx Mg Revive

Orthoplex MagOpticell


B Vitamins / Multi

Orthoplex B Vital

NPM Super B Liquid

Pure Innovation Activated B Complex



Herbs of Gold Organic Ocean Minerals

Pure Innovations Cal Citrate

Okinawa Gold Coral Calcium


Protein powder

BioMedica Protein complete

Vital Protein from Logical Nutrition


Melrose Flaxseed Oil

Melrose Flaxseed Caps

Flora DHA (derived from a sea alge)

The Chia Co. Chia Oil



Pure Innovation Zinc Citrate

Optimal RX Zinc ACE

Orthoplex Zymin


BioMedica ProFlora X (no animal contents in final product, however raw material may)