Testing Services

A range of pathology testing may be employed using Nutripath, Pathlab, Clinical Labs, HealthScope, Dorevitch, Nutritional Laboratory Services and Analytical Reference Laboratories for screening, diagnosis, interpretation and monitoring of illnesses

Neuroendocrine Tests – for assessing conditions with mood disorder such as anxiety and depression

  • Neurotransmitters, Extensive Serotonin, GABA, Dopamine, Noradrenaline, Adrenaline, Glutamate, ratio
    Spot or 24hr Urine
  • Mauve Factor | Pyrroles | Kryptopyrroles Spot urine in Vit C preservative
  • Histamine 5ml of serum required
  • MTHFR gene test {MTHFR – MethyleneTetraHydroFolate Reductase single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) }
  • Methylation Profile S-Adenosyl Methionine (SAMe), S-Adenosyl Homocysteine (SAH), SAMe:SAH ratio; 5-methyl tetrahydrofolate (5MTHF), Folinic acid,Tetrahydrofolate (THF)

Organic Acids
Metabolic Profile Spot or 24hr Urine
Environmental Pollutants Spot or 24hr Urine
Both (Metabolic & Environmental) Spot or 24hr Urine

Organic acids for Bacterial dysbiosis, Yeast & fungal dysbiosis, Citric acid
cycle metabolites, Ketone/fatty acid metabolites, Cofactor sufficiency
markers, Neurotransmitter metabolites AND Environmental Pollutants

AA : EPA Ratio

Weight Management Screening Profile


  • Thyroid Profile – TSH, free T4, free T3, reverse T3, ratios, TPO Ab, ATG Ab, TSH Receptor Abs, Thyroid Antibodies (Thyroid Peroxidase Ab, Anti Thyroglobulin Ab, TSH Receptor Abs)
  • Cortisol, DHEA, oestrone (E1), oestradiol (E2), progesterone, testosterone, and androstenedione.

AA : EPA Ratio

Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis Macroscopic & Microscopic Descripti er Markers; Beneficial & Other Bacteria; on; Digestive, Absorption & Metabolic Yeasts; Parasites (visual & chemical EIA detection) & Sensitivities

Calprotectin (Faecal)

Liver Detoxification Profile

Food Allergy Testing General 96 foods

ALCAT Food & Chemical Intolerance

50 Foods Panel, 100 Foods Panel, 150 Foods Panel, 120 Vegetarian Foods Panel

Hair Mineral and Toxic Element Analysis – great for assessing heavy metals such as mercury and lead.

Genetic Testing

Circulating Tumour Cell Analyses click here for details

Nagalase blood test

Energy Production for athletes and Chronic Fatigue Patients – Citric Acid Cycle metabolites:Lactic acid, Pyruvic acid, Citric acid, cisaconitic acid, Isocitric acid,?-ketoglutaric acid, Fumaric acid, Malic acid

The HealthQuest Body Composition Analysis System

Your HealthQuest Segmental Bio Impedance Analysis Body Composition Monitor helps you:

  1. Gain greater understanding of your inner health and body composition.
  2. Allows you to set targets for your desired physique and then allows you to monitor your progress
  3. Helps motivate you towards achieving better results
  4. Allows you to fine tune your dietary and fitness program
  5. Helps to evaluate the effect of diet on your body
  6. Monitor your body’s overall and segmental percentage of body fat and visceral fat
  7. Monitor your overall and segmental muscle mass

The HealthQuest BIA System provides vital in depth information about your body:

* Body Fat % Do you have too much or not enough fat?

* Segmental Body Fat % Measurement of each arm, each leg and trunk area designed just where you are carrying your fat. It allows you to look below the skin and see what is really happening underneath. It is also useful for anyone who is monitoring the balance of left and right side of body or trying to build or rehabilitate a particular part of their body.

* Visceral Fat Rating Visceral fat surrounds the internal organs in the stomach/trunk area of your body. Ensuring you have low and healthy levels of visceral fat has been shown to reduce the risk of certain diseases such as heart disease and high blood pressure and helps prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes. Monitoring your results can help you adjust your lifestyle to stay in the low risk range.

* Total Body Water % Are you drinking enough water? (almost all people who live to a hundred report drinking a lot of water). The higher your fat to muscle ratio, the lower your total body water %. – more fat less hydration.

* Bone Mass Indicates the total weight of bone minerals in the body. If the bone mass reading is indicating a low value, it is a good idea to refer the client to have a bone scan done to check on the risk of osteoporosis.

The development of muscle tissue has been shown to encourage stronger, healthier bones. It is important to develop and maintain healthy bones through plenty of exercise along with a range of bone building nutrients, including vitamin D3, vitamin K2 and vitamin A..

* Basal Metabolic Rate Indicates the number of calories your body burns when at rest. Unlike other methods of calculating basal metabolic rate, the Tanita Innerscan takes the amount of muscle in your body into account, giving a more accurate picture of your dietary requirements. Your basal metabolic rate will tend to decrease as you get older – you can help prevent this through a regular routine of cardiovascular exercise, moderate weight training exercise and increased activity.

* Metabolism Age Your basal metabolic rate starts to decrease after the age of 17 and the metabolic age rating indicates what age level your body is currently rated at. Aim to keep young!

* Muscle Mass Calculates the weight of muscle in your body. Do you have too much or not enough muscle?

* Segmental Muscle Mass measurement of each arm, each leg and trunk area is designed to allow you to see how much muscle you have and exactly where it is distributed. Especially useful for anyone who is monitoring the balance of left and right side of body or trying to build or rehabilitate a particular part of one’s body

* Physique Rating shows and examines your overall physique or body shape and examines the balance between the amounts of body fat and muscle in your body.

* Athlete Mode is for people who do more than 10 hours a week intense exercise and who have a resting heart rate of under 60 beats per minute.

The current model’s Bio-Impedance measuring system and the inbuilt computer’s calculation program is based on the result of over 50,000 client tests conducted in centre’s throughout Japan.

Its accuracy is unsurpassed by any other currently available system. Our system is highly accurate – it is the only system on the market that has been independently tested in comparison to DEXA (dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry) which is generally considered the gold standard due to its reliability and precision.

The BIA monitor was found to be within 2% of DEXA* readings.