Dear Jason,


I highly recommend Jason Eldridge to anyone who has a vested interest in the health and wellbeing of their body… that pretty much covers everyone! After a prolonged bout with pan ulcerative colitis, I’ve been given life-long tools to heal my own body. With Jason’s assistance I’ve been able to find a balanced vibrancy, and feel in control of a medically ‘unmanageable disease’. I now have tools I can use myself when I’m sick, without his assistance. Thanks Jason! Your help inspires my faith in the healing arts.”


Dear Jason,

I have written this testimonial to let others know the massive changes herbal medicine can have on people suffering from Migraine Headaches.

I have suffered from painful Migraine headaches for over 5 years. I would have a migraine almost every day of the week. The triggers were endless and I consumed such a large amount of painkillers that my body eventually stopped responding to off the shelf painkillers. I consulted a Neurologist and was put on serious daily preventative medication. This medication affected my body severely, causing many side effects.

I felt trapped into continuing with this medication as it reduced my headaches to only 1-2 per week.

When my body stopped responding to western medicine I needed a new solution. Jason’s practice has been incredible in improving my health. I started taking a mixture of herbal medicines and slowly weaned myself off the strong drugs I had been taking. In a period of three weeks whilst taking the herbal medicines and adjusting my diet I found myself free of headaches and able to do such activities as sitting in the sun at the beach (which I previously could not do)

The power of naturopathic advice and herbal medicines in the treatment of Migraines was astounding for me, and I am so happy to be free of western drugs for good.

Thanks Jason, your advice and treatment has made such a difference to my life.

(Results will vary from person to person)


Dear Jason,

I am very happy with the way you treat me as a patient. You look after all aspects of one’s life and try to find the perfect balance within each individual’s limitations and abilities. I have tried other solutions before but until I have met you nothing had worked. After I started to see you I lost 9 kilos in 7 weeks. I feel better, faster, smarter and healthier.

(Results will vary from person to person)


Dear Jason ,


“Jason firstly thank you for your help and encouragement. I couldn’t believe all the advice, information and help you gave me in your session. In a sense I feel like a 16 year old school girl who has a crush on a guy and can’t stop talking about him!! I came home and told everyone how great your service was.”

(Results will vary from person to person)


Dear Jason ,


My neighbour has had colitis for as long as me…we got it at the same time & have been on very different paths with our symptoms & approaches to dealing with it..he has been in hospital for 2 weeks now, the same ward I was in at Geelong, rising to horrible flashbacks and terrible memories…today they are removing 75% of his colon, he’s coming home with the stoma & bag & some time in the next 12 months will go back for reconstructive surgery…this was my reality 2 years ago, almost to the day…it makes me fully appreciate the very different situation I am in now, drug free, healthy & back at work.

THANK YOU for your unwavering support, love, advise, & expertise. I write this so you will know how very grateful & lucky I am to have you, who have played such a large part in my health & recovery..I am thankful for what you have done for me each & every day…Thanks again for everything…All my love


Dear Jason,

Every goal I had when I first saw you in September 2005 has been achieved. From lactose intolerance management, to general well being to managing Polystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and increasing my fertility to start our family.

After taking the fertility tonic in December 2005, was successfully pregnant January 2006 and then gave birth to a beautiful healthy daughter 9 months later.

It was time to plan our second child, and so I took that “magical fertility tonic” in June 2007 and remarkably July 2007 was successfully pregnant again with our second miracle!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, your dedication and patience is undeniably brilliant.

Thanks for helping me make my dream come true of starting a family.

Regards, Marie. (Results will vary from person to person)



Dear Jason,

In December 2007 my doctor informed me that I had a PSA reading of 144 and I was subsequently diagnosed with inoperable prostate cancer. Having spent the last six years of my corporate career working for a drug discovery company that experience had convinced me that chemotherapy and radiation was not for me. The alternative was clearly a holistic approach.

Our first consultation was immediately before Christmas 2007 and I was immediately warmed by your approach that this was to be a journey for both of us. And not only was it about how you could help me, but also the additional therapies available from other practitioners that you believed would complement the programme which you outlined.

Your introduction to Rayid meditation brought a reassuring calm to my treatment and a new dimension to my health and wellbeing. Your continuing counsel and constant encouragement has made the experience enormously enriching and you have given me a number of tools to explore my spirituality and purpose.

And the immediate reward – the news that my PSA was down to 1.2 just 9 weeks after diagnosis. Clearly there is still a long way to go but you have given me the positiveness to face the future with confidence. I am immensely grateful to you.


(Results will vary from person to person)


Dear Jason,

I’m writing this testimonial to thank you for your holistic support during my cancer treatment for lymphoma in 2004 and for continuing to look after my health in the years following. You encouraged me to change my diet in order to starve the cancer of sugar, you gave me herbal and nutritional support to reduce the side effects and increase the effectiveness of the chemotherapy. Furthermore, you helped me to detoxify all the chemicals that are cancer causing in themselves. You also helped me open to meditation, which was undeniably beneficial during my time in hospital.

Now 15 years on and all clear of cancer, I just wanted to thank you for your knowledge and care during this difficult time.

You really were fundamental to my recovery and it’s something I will never forget.

Best, Liam(Results will vary from person to person)



Dear Jason,


I write this letter as a testimonial for your records, website and any other use you may find. I felt that a letter would be more personable than simply writing a testimonial, as it is hard enough to put into words how much you have helped me and mean to me.

I feel that I have suffered from anxiety and bouts of mild depression (and certainly weight problems) for most of my teenage and adult life. In the second half of 2004, I thought that I was in a major rut and couldn’t really keep it together. Thinking it was just the pressures of life, I sought help through a psychologist and was diagnosed with severe depression. After a few sessions, and with me being so far gone I was contemplating suicide, she advised that it might be a good idea to start taking anti-depressant medication, such as Prozac or Zoloft. This did not sit well with me, for some reason, but I knew that I had to do something more than what I already was… It was then that I contacted you.

Even though we do not live in the same State, you were able to diagnose me, through questionnaires and telephone conversations, and came up with a few suggestions and alternatives to “main-stream” medications. I followed your advice, and received a rather foul tasting herb mixture in the mail, which I’m sure you tasted yourself before you sent it, as well as some other natural supplements. You also looked at my “diet” and provided some smart, relatively easy, nutritional guidelines.

These things, coupled with the other work I was doing on myself, provided a very speedy recovery. It was so speedy that my psychologist was amazed at just how fast I became well again.

As I mentioned before, I also suffer with weight problems, which you have also helped me out with. I was carrying at least an extra 20 kgs and am happy to say that, since following further nutritional advice and affirmations, concentrating more on losing weight and keeping it off than before, I have lost half of the total weight I would like and, more importantly, am keeping it off. I am feeling much better about myself and moving around easier than before. I, like many others, have tried several different diets and even though I have lost weight before, I have been unable to maintain it and keep it off. I will continue to follow your advice as it seems to actually work.

As you can imagine, my depression and low self-esteem, affected my relationship with my partner and we have been through some very trying times. But, we made it through, thanks to your advice and guidelines, and have recently become engaged and are both very happy.

I am not ashamed of my illness and share my stories with many people, hoping that it will help somebody else should they, or someone they know, be suffering from a mental illness. I always recommend you to my friends and acquaintances, whether they live in Melbourne, Brisbane or somewhere else.

Congratulations on moving your practice to bigger and better premises. I trust your patients are loyal and smart enough to follow you there.

I thank you again, Jason, you are a true healer.

All my love and respect.

(Results will vary from person to person)


Joanne Smith

Dear Jason 

My name is (P) – Joe is my husband( 63 yrs old)- On the 1 July 2013 he was diagnosed with a brain lesion or tumour in the motor area of the left side of the brain. The only symptom he had was a feeling of weakness and no co-ordination in his right hand and arm. The doctor first thought it was muscle strain and advised rest but when it was not getting any better after nearly 2 weeks – from work on Monday he went back to the doctor and expressed his concern that he thought it could be a stroke. The doctor then sent him for a CT scan which showed the tumour. He was rushed to hospital that evening and a lot of tests were done and he was given drugs to control the swelling and inflammation of the tumour – he looked and acted normal like nothing was wrong – once the swelling went down the neurosurgeon Professor Kate Drummond on 6 July 2013 operated and took out as much as she could of the tumour. On the fourth day after the surgery the results showed that it was Gliobastoma Grade IV – we were told that it was incurable but controllable. The only form of treatment known was radiation and chemotherapy and his life depended on this. After the initial shock we decided were going to fight back. A lot of research and consultation was done by our children and relatives – after a lot of advice and thought Joe opted for radiation but no chemotherapy. He was on medication to control the swelling of the tumour and anti seizure drugs from the time he was diagnosed with gliobastoma till after the surgery and through radiation treatment which was spread over 2 to 3 months. The surgeons and oncologist said that we were foolish not to try chemotherapy but accepted our wishes. After research our daughter arranged an appointment with naturopath Jason Eldridge who put Joe on a ketogenic diet – no carbs, no sugar, no dairy – plentiful organic vegetables, meat, etc. (a list of foods allowed was given to us to follow) he was prescribed a whole lot of nutrients to detox and build up his immune system. He also suggested meditation and deep breathing, oxygen therapy which was very relaxing and therapeutic. We found Jason to be very genuine and spiritual – someone who is genuinely interested in helping people. He takes his profession seriously and is definitely trustworthy. Our family is eternally grateful to Jason – Joe is back at work now – is still on nutrients prescribed by Jason, goes for physiotherapy and exercises – has lost some weight and some hair (after radiation). His MRI post surgery 3 months showed no sign of tumour – the neurosurgeon said everything was clear – the next MRI will take place in January 2014 and we trust in God that everything is good and clear. (P)(Results will vary from person to person)