Initial naturopathic consultation $150 for 1 – 1.5 hours

Follow-up naturopathic consultations will be billed according to time needed, which will depend on the complexity of the issue. This will be discussed during the initial consultation. Typically $95

Rayid Iridology sessions

30 minutes $75
45 minutes $95
60 minutes $125
90 minutes $150

Skype consultations available

Corporate Rayid Iridology days available for Melbourne, Canberra or Sydney please email us for more details.

Iris photography and take home photos $55.00

Infrared Sauna


  • $55 / half hour session. Please allow 45 minutes for your booking if you wish to shower after.
  • $245 for 5 sessions paid up front (save $30)
  • $450 for 10 sessions paid up front (save $100)


  • $79 / half hour session. Please allow 50 minutes for your booking if you wish to shower after.


Gift vouchers are available for any of our services email us now to have one sent to you.

Long distance consultations are available over the phone / Skype / Zoom including email. If you download Skype or Zoom you can call for free from your computer and we can even have a video chat.


Opening Hours

The clinic is open from 9am to 5pm Monday – Friday


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