Salvestrols in our Diet

It is estimated that we now consume 10 – 20% of the Salvestrols which would have occurred in our diet 100 years ago. So, even though we are urged to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, unless you eat organic you are unlikely to get sufficient Salvestrols from your diet.

With our patients at the clinic fighting cancer or doing a cancer prevention program Salvestrol supplementation becomes an essential ingredient to good health.


Salvestrols Target Diseased Cells

The main feature of Salvestols is that they target a specific enzyme called CYP1B1(pronounced “sip one, bee one”) found only in diseased cells of the human body. When the Salvestrols are metabolized by CYP1B1 it starts a series of processes that result in the death of the diseased cell (known as ‘apoptosis’ or programmed cell death). Healthy cells, containing no CYP1B1, remain and the diseased cells die.

The Need for a Salvestrol Supplement

A simple shift in diet may not be enough for those already at risk, or fighting an active disease. So Professor Potter and herbalist Anthony Daniels researched the idea of a food supplement.

Through world wide contacts Anthony sourced large volumes of organic fruit, and pioneered a unique method for extracting and isolating Salvestrols from the thousands of other compounds.

It was then possible to supply Salvestrols to those that needed them in their fight against disease under the proprietary brand name “Salvestrol”, from the Nature’s Defence company.

Can Diet Alone Provide all our Salvestrol Needs?

Unfortunately it seems, for a number of reasons, it is very unlikely you could get sufficient Salvestrol intake from modern foods. Even eating solely organic foods gives no guarantee of adequate levels, as many varieties are low in Salvestrol.

With a global food supply chain, Salvestrol levels in the foods you eat are very hard to determine. Different countries, differing food-growing locations and varieties, and whether the food was fully ripe at harvest can all have an effect.

Also SALVESTROL is often found mainly in the skin, peel or rind of the fruit or vegetable. In today’s world this is not always eaten.

Purchasing Salvesterols online

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