Returns and Refund

Refund Policy

The nutritional supplements sold on this site are covered by our one-month full refund guarantee if the products supplied to you are defective on arrival.  You have 30 days from the date of delivery to notify us that the products are defective.

To get your refund, you need to inform us by e-mail sent via our contact form of your request, giving the date of purchase, name of the product/s and the order number by confirmation e-mail after your purchase.

After e-mail confirmation, you need to MAIL us a written and signed attestation:

1. Stating why you are unhappy with the product, and
2. That you have no other claims against us after we refund your purchase price.

The refund request has to be made by the same person or organisation that purchased the product.

Refunds are processed manually and while we try to expedite the handling, you should be prepared for a 1-3 week schedule. Refunds are paid as a full re-crediting of your credit card for the full amount of your purchase price.


If you have sold the products to third parties such as your patients, your right to a refund is forfeited as you will have received payment for the product/s sold.

If you purchase products through this website on behalf of a business, you agree to do so as a business entity, and regardless of whether your credit card is personal or that of your business.

If you do purchase from the Orthoplex and Dr Vera’s Formulations Product Range, and you are not a Health Practitioner who we recognise, you do not have a right to a refund.


By purchasing the product/s you agree to our refund policies; and limitation and exclusion policies.

These policies of limitations and exclusions are not to be used frivolously by Naturopathic Care.

We reserve the right to refuse to give refunds if we believe the claim is frivolous or without substance.

You can purchase our product/s safely, knowing your transaction is SECURE and that we stand behind the high quality of the product/s we sell and will refund promptly in genuine cases where, in our opinion, sound grounds exist for you not to be satisfied with the product/s you have purchased.