Free Rayid Webinar for Endeavour College of Natural Health

Introduction to Rayid Iridology plus Rings of Freedom & Harmony

Recorded on: Thursday 2nd July 2015

FREE Rayid Webinar with Denny Johnson 

From the Living Now Webinar 10th August 2011, with Denny Johnson….here is your FREE download.

Denny’s webinar has been split into two segments, the first, approximately 1/3 the size of the second, is fairly technical and, if you are not an iridologist or a health practitioner, you may be interested to go straight to the second part. It is not only user-friendly – it contains astounding, eye-opening (pardon the pun) information.

Denny has been doing 100s of consultations with children in Brazil and has many fascinating new insights to share on the Family Tree and the Birth Order with practical solutions for many disease processes such as panic, breathing, nightmares, allergies… and much more. Denny is all fired up and just bursting with amazing new insights.

Stay tuned for Denny’s new boobklets on Iris and Birth Order as well as illustrated fairy tales for children coming late 2012