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Alessandra Izzo uses a combination of massage techniques and bodywork, including Deep Tissue and Swedish relaxation methods within her treatment approach. Her understanding of the energetic system of the body, as well as her experience with use of Reiki, assists in restoring the free flow of Qi, giving her a powerful and very intuitive touch. A variety of techniques are used to relax muscles, untie those knots, increase the oxygen flow in the blood, release endorphins and detoxify the body, all leaving you feeling relaxed and revitalised! Ally also works at Camberwell Health and Healing

About Massage

The widespread recognition of massage’s ability to garner relaxation and the relief of stress has ensured its long standing renown. However, new research demonstrating numerous additional physiological health benefits has created an upsurge in popularity.

Benefits from your massage treatment may include:

  • Relief of stress and promotion of relaxation
  • Relief of muscle tension and stiffness
  • Reduced muscle spasm and tension
  • Relief from entrapment of nerves in muscle
  • Greater joint flexibility and range of motion
  • Increased ease and efficiency of movement
  • Promoted deeper and easier breathing
  • Better circulation of both blood and lymph fluid
  • Assists the body with eliminating toxins
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Relief of tension-related or eye-strain headaches
  • Healthier, better nourished skin
  • Improved posture
  • Faster healing from pulled muscles and sprained ligaments
  • Reduces pain, swelling, and formation of scar tissue following injury
  • General health maintenance
  • Feeling of well-being
  • Reduced levels of anxiety
  • Increased awareness of mind-body connection
  • A sense of being revitalised and in harmony


For your appointment in Alphington call Ally on 0417 355 939


Massage and Bodywork Alphington

Alessandra Izzo

Romi Romi Massage



Traditional Maori Massage with Ally

 Want to get rid of some old stuff? Want to get rid of those nagging pains ? Time to move forward ? Choose a life changing experience that is a hidden secret of the Indigenous people of New Zealand.


Wake up your life force, connect to your spirit, heal your body and transcend your human limitations. This Traditional Massage works on a vibrational frequency and cellular level. Romiromi Massage is the strongest and deepest of Maori healing practices.


Physically you will receive a body alignment, joint manipulation, deep tissue Massage and stimulation of haemata (pressure points)to activate the cellular memory for release of anything that doesn’t serve you. Elbows and arms are used more than the hands and occasionally pounamu (greenstone) for deep release work. Some people may be worked on a floor mat using the feet, so that the practitioner may utilize and leverage off their own body weight with the aid of a special rakau (stick).


What are the potential benefits of Romi Romi?

  • Enhanced vitality and wellbeing
  • Stress release
  • Release of toxins
  • Relief from back ache and body pains
  • More joint, hip and limb flexibility
  • Emotional release (old issues)
  • Relief from cramping
  • Improved digestion
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Aids fertility and hormonal balance
  • Helps with addictions and depression
  • Removes extraneous energy
  • Clarity of thought and enhanced motivation
  • More connection with your mauri (life force) and wairua (spirit)


Traditional Romi Romi Massage combines deep tissue massage, pressure points and body alignment to aid in releasing blocked energy in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Working with the central nervous system it stimulates internal organs, removes toxic waste, tension and pain, replacing with positive energy and vitality.

This bodywork is always performed safely and respectfully with your highest purpose honoured as it is a sacred spiritual contract. If you trust in the process and breathe as directed you will be amazed at the releases. Your practitioner will only go as deep as your body and wairua (spirit) allows.

If you are ready for a transforming and dynamic experience and really want to let go of old issues and repeating patterns, we can go there in one session. It will be challenging and rewarding and the best way of shifting ‘energy not belonging to you’ in a short time.

Some people prefer to come back for a second Romiromi Massage before going to this deeper level as your body takes time to integrate to the change in vibration and the emotional releases that can sometimes occur during or after your session. You may feel tired after and sleep soundly and later feel re-energised and re-juvenated

Romi Romi Massage Alphington

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Pranic Healing



Pranic Healing with Ally


What is Pranic Healing?


Pranic Healing is a highly evolved and tested system of energy medicine developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui that utilizes prana to balance, harmonize and transform the body’s energy processes. Prana is a Sanskrit word that means life-force. This invisible bio-energy or vital energy keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health. In acupuncture, the Chinese refer to this subtle energy as Chi.

Pranic Healing is a simple yet powerful & effective system of no-touch energy healing. It is based on the fundamental principles that the body is a self-repairing living entity that possesses the ability to heal itself and that the healing process is accelerated by increasing this life force that is readily available from the sun, air and ground to address physical & emotional imbalances. Master Choa Kok Sui says “Life Energy or prana is all around us. It is pervasive; we are actually in an ocean of Life Energy. Based on this principle, a healer can draw in Pranic Energy or Life Energy from the surroundings.”

Pranic Healing requires no drugs, gadgets, not even physical contact with the subject. Physical contact is not required because the practitioner is working on the bioplasmic or energy body and not directly on the physical body. This energy body, or aura, is the mold or blueprint that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. It is the energy body that absorbs life energy and distributes it throughout the physical body, to the muscles, organs, glands, etc. The reason Pranic Healing works on the energy body is that physical ailments first appear as energetic disruptions in the aura before manifesting as problems in the physical body.

This pervasive energy that surrounds, interpenetrates and sustains the physical body, also affects our emotions, our ability to handle stress, relationships and even finances.






Every effort has been made to ensure that the content of this website is accurate and current. The information herein is not designed to replace the expert and individual medical advice provided by your Health Care Provider.


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