Oxygen Therapy & Air Purifiers

EWOT Energy Protocol

EWOT Energy utilizes the the rich, pure oxygen settings of the EWOT Australia system to assist with enhanced oxygenation of the entire body. This protocol is most effective for people with limited exercise capacity, for those seeking the energizing effects of EWOT, and for those who wish to enhance rehabilitation for injuries or illnesses. EWOT energy opens the fine capillaries, allowing oxygen rich blood to reach deep within your tissues. It also oxygenates the blood serum, which has an oxygenation effect on the “white” (bloodless) tissue of the body.

Typical Regime:

Use EWOT Energy for up to 15 minutes at a time. You may begin with just one session per week, depending upon your current physical capacity. Many people feel the greatest benefit with daily sessions. Begin with the lowest level of exercise that is suitable to you. For some, this may mean beginning with just 5 minutes of pure oxygen while sitting or laying. For the greatest benefits some kind of movement is best. Use a recumbent bicycle, or an arm crank, or even just marching on the spot. Do not over-do your early sessions! Do not begin any kind of change to your exercise level without consulting your medical practitioner, particularly if you have been sedentary for some time. Your purchase includes information on how to use EWOT effectively.

Product Description:

EWOT Energy product comes with a 20 L/minute Oxygen Concentrator that runs off a normal 240v power point, a large oxygen reservoir bag, a finger oximeter/pulsemeter, a high flow mask and tubing to bring the oxygen from the reservoir bag to the mask. (You need to supply the workout equipment).

The Oxygen Concentrator removes the nitrogen and other gases from normal air, pumping the deoxygenated air out into the atmosphere and the pure oxygen into the reservoir. The standard reservoir holds about 1000L of oxygen at over 95% purity. This is enough reserve for most people to maintain near maximum effort heart rates and breathing rates for around 15 minutes without compromising their breathing capacity.

The oxygen concentrator does not use a lot of electricity and is manufactured to concentrate oxygen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (you won’t need to run it for more than about 1.5 hrs to fill the reservoir), so the machine is very reliable, quiet to run, and easy to use. Your purchase includes full set up instructions.

The Reservoir Bag comes in several sizes. The standard size (of around 1000L capacity) is supplied as standard with this package (if you believe you may need a larger reservoir please inquire prior to purchase). It is made with a medical grade polyurethane interior (no plasticizers that give off chemicals) with a nylon dust cover. Only dry oxygen goes into the bag so it does not require internal maintenance or cleaning.

Pure oxygen from the oxygen concentrator is pumped directly into the reservoir bag. The bag is typically hung from the wall or any handy frame work close by to your workout station.

The Mask is a breathing equipment type of mask, which is easy to use, easy to clean and inexpensive to replace, to purchase spares, or purchase one mask for each person using the EWOT Energy. The masks are high flow with a one way valve to breath the oxygen in and a separate one way valve to breath out into the atmosphere. You don’t breath out back into the reservoir bag! The minimal nature of the mask, plus it’s high flow capacity helps in minimizing any claustrophobia some people experience when they perceive a restriction to breathing. (many people cannot use hyperbaric chambers for this very reason!)

The Finger Oximeter measures your blood oxygen level and your heart rate. We give you instructions on how to use this in your purchase, but essentially you want to to a rise in heart rate with your increase in exercise effort (remember to begin slowly!), as well as a rise in your blood oxygen level. The finger oximeter works by light! If you hold a torch up to your finger in a dark room you can almost see thorough your finger! Using this principle, the oximeter can read the blood pulsing through your finger tip for your heart rate as well as measure (quite accurately) the amount of oxygen in your blood.

The EWOT Energy has very simple plumbing – a tube from the oxygen concentrator to the reservoir bag and a tube from the bag to your mask. You breath in from the oxygen in the reservoir bag and you breath out into the atmosphere. These tubes are also medical grade materials that do not leach plastics.

Product Pricing:

The EWOT Energy, standard package, is $4999 plus GST, for a total price of $5494.50, plus shipping and handling.


We charge a standard rate throughout Australia, which is calculated at the checkout. The oxygen concentrators ship from Victoria and the reservoir bag and accessories from Queensland. They are usually shipped on the same day, but can arrive a day or two apart.


Your EWOT Energy is covered by a full Warranty for 12 months. Please read full details of our warranty.

Please keep your proof of purchase.

Please carefully check your product for any shipping damage as you unpack it.