The Very Best Nutrition for your Optimal Vitality

We offer the very best of clinical nutrition which is vital to optimum health. Clinical nutrition is used to treat deficiencies and correct individual imbalances. The highest quality practitioner only nutritional supplements are used at the clinic from Pure Innovation, Orthoplex & Orthoplex White Label, Dr Vera’s, Nordic Naturals, Nutrition Care, Biomedica, BioPractica, Salvacare, Froximun (Toxaprevent), BioCeuticals (Liposomal vitamin C) Eagle Phamaceuticals, Pharmafoods, Quest for Health, Mediherb, Blackmores Celloids, Innovative Therpaies and Metagenics. Iridology, biochemical screening, tongue diagnosis and nail signs may also be employed to identify your unique nutritional needs.

After sufficient education using the principles of ‘Doctor as Teacher’ patients are given access to the Patient Order System, maintaining their health and well-being using discounted top quality practitioner formulations. You too can enjoy the convenience of ordering these great products by phone or e-mail. Payment can be made by cheque or credit card with the ease of goods delivered to the door!

Biochemical Screening


The results of pathology tests are automatically entered into the Biochemical Screening program at the click of a button and are instantly analysed giving you insights into the best nutritional treatment options. Having this solid scientific testing as a basis of diagnosis and treatment greatly increases and improves success rate. The program evaluates your blood chemistry parameters using this approach and the recommendations are based on good hard science. This method addresses hidden causes, such as unexplained toxins as well as taking into account individual biochemistry, lifestyle and medical history.


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