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Spiritual growth happens in 2 directions. One reaching for the light like the branches of a tree and the other digging into the darkness like the roots of a tree. One can intensely focus on the light and get greater levels of physical health, energetic shifts in consciousness and spiritual attainment but leaving unresolved stuff in the dark can be seen as “putting whipped cream on top of doo doo”.

There is a middle ground from the collective consciousness of humanity and getting too far beyond this creates a force that brings one back down. Intensely focusing on the light can bring one crashing back into the dark.

Reaching for the light includes practices such as meditation, affirmation, prayer, intimacy and awareness as tools for knowing and loving greater vibratory levels of for example.

          • Humility
          • Responsibility
          • Desire & Passion
          • Peace & Self Love
          • All knowing
          • Belonging
          • Joy / Gratitude
          • Grace / Love
          • Creative Genius  / Beauty
          • Compassion / Unity
          • Masterful Leadership
          • Silence / Purity / Spiritual Oneness

This beautiful and honourable work is of great value and can bring healing, better relationships and expanded awareness. Each of these ‘light vibrations’ effect specific glands, organs and body systems. Disease patterns reflect unresolved feeling in the family tree and which branch needs attention with Yang conditions relating to the father’s side and Yin conditions relating to the mother’s side.

For example the health of the liver is related to the father’s father’s mother. The liver responds to every feeling, but certain feelings are the most destructive. Some of these include Hate, Revenge, Resentment, Greed, Rage and Addiction. Some of the feelings that awaken the Liver are Kindness, Morality, Belonging, Justice, Security and Wisdom. The Liver is nourished by Truth, and activated by Loving Touch. The Liver holds the memory of how to heal the body. It also holds the unloving memories acquired at conception and early childhood. The lower functions of the liver maintain the negative patterns until the higher function of the liver is engaged. The higher function of the liver is Forgiveness. Forgiveness changes the life force dynamics affecting the entire body, but it especially affects the Heart. Forgiveness is an act of Love. Hidden or denied rage within the liver prevents the liver from fully healing the body. It also produces frustration in relationships and material success. No true Joy in the heart, or prosperity is possible until the liver is flowing. A blocked liver causes most addictions. The only real way to open the liver is Forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a practical healing instrument. The intention and desire to feel forgiveness opens a series gates. The first gate is the Soul or self. Forgiveness opens the Soul to receive love.This opens the life-force, and emotionally extends the love into the spiritual body (second gate), permitting all vibrational remedies and techniques to be truly more effective. Soul-base emotions now arrive within the person. When the spiritual body is transformed by increasing love, it links the vibrational medicines into the physical body. (third gate) Forgiveness now aids the material body to eliminate toxic wastes, and increase the flow of water. Soon thereafter, the metabolic system increases the energy potential, and the assimilation system utilize medicines and nutrition more fully. This further changes the blood chemistry leading to a change in outcomes. The cycle of Soul-based forgiveness is now complete. A tiny portion of true healing can now begin.
“if you really want this remedy to work to its highest potential, you might keep asking yourself, “”who do I need to forgive?””

Fundamental to the existence of the Liver is… relationships. Through the emotions generated, or denied during our contact with other people, the liver either continues to heal the body or not. With a negative emotion generated in you it is best to say thank you, I forgive you, I love you. If you truly have humility to learn from the situation and take responsibility for all that is coming at you emotionally there is real growth. I suggest taking your time with this ‘shadow work’ as initially it may make your symptoms worse… drink plenty of purified water and be gentle with yourself. The process may take many years. The very first step is awareness that there is even an issue. Examine the qualities of what is offending you about a person… stop and have a look if in fact you too have some of these qualities. check to see if there has been an unconscious projection of these qualities. Remember to approach the situation with humility and responsibility, there is something you need to find in the dark and bring to the light, can you find the openness to drop belief systems? Can you stand and take responsibility for this disease, this difficult feeling… do you have the will to look? Gently move beyond the feeling of responsibility to really see this as a wonderful opportunity for growth.

In every illness I believe there is an emotional contributing factor often there are unresolved feelings denied or hidden that need to come to the surface, this is the glorious work of bringing shadow to the light.  The Rayid map of emotions relating to glands, organs and body systems can help you find the shadow. Stay with feelings (negative or positive) for longer…. feel them at different times of the day, allow the feelings, ask for divine help to feel deeply, allow the tears for they are the washing machine of the heart, feel your earliest childhood memories of them, feel all the negative things you have told yourself, exaggerate the feelings… then forgive yourself, forgive your parents, feel into where they come from in your family tree. In this process ideally a realisation will arise on how the feeling has made you out of harmony with love or truth… then make a more loving or truthful choice… forgive your younger self, hold yourself in complete compassion… imagine being held by the divine as the perfect mother / father / guide… imagine your life filled with the gifts of this more loving and truthful choice… lift your face to the heavens feel the tiniest rain drops of eternal silence on your face as you return to the light.

The Protocol by Denny Johnson

Communication #1. All future communications will be numbered for reference. We will be experiencing, discussing and sharing the same topic for 4 months. Start from wherever you are currently, with whatever your current Intention (key words of the Protocol will be in caps) may be. We will cycle through specific Feelings and Intentions, while constantly reexamining our Sincerity, Desire, Awareness and Experience. Along the way, certain words may morph or change to another word, Desire maybe become Longing or Passion into Courage. Awareness may become Experimentation or a Love of Truth. But every word we Experience corresponds to a specific FEELING we are making a Choice to Feel. The very foundation of our eternal Existence is Feeling. Feeling is step 1. I suggest you read this slowly, many times. You have just been taken through the Protocol in words.



Communication #2 (C2) The elasticity of Feelings

When you observe the dilation of the pupil within the eye, you are witnessing the elasticity of feelings. There is no progress without an increase of Feeling.
There is no Growth of Individuality without an increase of Feeling.
There is no change in Desire or Empathy without an increase in Feeling.
There is no Discovery or Experience without an increase in Feeling.
There is no releasing pain or suffering, nor Liberation to give and receive Love without Willingly Choosing to increase Feeling.
There is no Joy, Laughter or Shouting to the Heavens until the 10,000 threads of denial begin to tremble.

The denial of a single Feeling limits all other Feelings.
The power of denial is stronger than the power of the Sun.
Collective denial is stronger and more elastic that all the combined gravity of the solar system.

The Sincere Desire to Feel every Feeling within one’s Self is the key to opening the gate to every Feeling, now and in the future.

Humility is the first step of the Protocol.


C3 An outline of the Protocol that involves two steps.

We will individually and collectively examine each step, while constantly allowing for changes over 4 months.

Step 1


Take your Attention from 12-18 inches (.5 meters) in front of you, and place it in the area around your heart. Remain focused there until you drift on to other things. Return periodically.


Sincerely Desire to Feel MORE… examine your current level of Sincerity…

Feel your Intention for engaging this process… prepare yourself for reexamining your Intention every day… At this point, any Intention you have is acceptable…give yourself permission to change your intention whenever you want…
Experiment with different Intentions…such as
…”I sincerely want to know the truth about who I am…”
…” I sincerely want to know the truth about my passions and abilities…”
…” I want to grow…”
…”I want love in my life…”
…” I want to face my fear…”
…”I want to be healthy and happy…”
…”I want to stop suffering and be pain free…”
…”I want to help my children”…
…”Why am I so confused? I have no idea what I want”.
…”Why does God allow all this cruelty and suffering?…?

There are endless possibilities. Be creative.
Consider making your own list. Feel the feelings each intention brings up for you.
I suggest you start mostly with Intentions about yourself. Later, you will likely discover it naturally leads from Self to Others to All.

Throughout all your daily activities notice the Feelings that arise from within you. Whenever a feeling arises, take the feeling from in front of you (12-18 inches) to the area around your heart. Then…

Feel the feeling more deeply, then…. ASK,

“Show me the Truth about ALL of THIS feeling I am DENYING”.
Apply the same approach to EVERY feeling that arises. This includes, sadness, grief, confusion, joy, laughter, anger, disappointment, worthlessness…. the list is endless.

Return to the beginning of step 1, and repeat… Consider the possibility that each effort is ACCUMULATIVE. This experiment involves accumulating the Sincere Desire to Feel MORE for 4 months.

Step 2 of the Protocol How to Apply the Protocol to Feelings that are Triggered from OUTSIDE you.


Step 2 of the Protocol

How to Apply the Protocol to Feelings that are Triggered from events OUTSIDE you.

Start with an open mind, willing to test the hypothesis that, “100% of all that comes to me, is directly related to what I have INSIDE me”. And be willing to experiment with the hypothesis that, “Each time that I am emotionally triggered, is an opportunity to discover the True source of the feelings inside me”.

For example, I meet a friend and the discussion makes me sad. Rather than blaming your friend for the sadness, say to yourself, “my friend has triggered a sadness inside me”. While the sadness is still flowing within you, take the feeling from 12-18 inches in front of your body, and direct it into the area around your heart. Say to yourself, “I sincerely want to know the Truth about this feeling”. “Show me all the feelings like this that I am denying.”.

Like step 1, step 2 applies to EVERY significant feeling that arises from ANY source.
For example, if you are frightened by something, apply the Protocol. If you are disgusted by what you see on the television, apply the protocol.
If you cry or laugh about something, apply the protocol.
If you have a fight with your mate, relative, co-worker or friend. APPLY THE PROTOCOL.

Every effort to apply the protocol, regardless of how successful it may feel, naturally builds the Desire to experience of the Truth.

Reexamine your Sincerity and Intention


C5 Decision Making: An Aspect of Free Will

Decision making is mandatory. Experiencing the consequences of decision making, is compulsory. In this case, “mandatory” is defined as “decreed from a higher authority”. “Compulsory” is defined as “obligated to process”. Whenever we make a decision, we initiate a force that produces a cause effect return of what we have set in motion. Awake or sleep, there is not a single moment when we have stopped making decisions. We are constantly monitoring internal and external stimuli, and then automatically responding faster than our minds can process. Even if we chose not to make a decision, it is in effect a decision. The combined result of all of our automatic and voluntary choices is merged with all of the decisions our ancestors have made, until we find ourselves immersed in, and surround by, a raging hurricane of compulsory feelings and arriving experiences to process. All of these compelling feelings and experiences are now mandated as belonging only to us. The only place where these overwhelming forces can be successfully dealt with, is inside the “eye of the hurricane”. In the iris, the “eye of the hurricane” is the pupil. In the human energy field, the access to this sacred place is the heart. Opening the heart requires a specific sequence of Feeling, Intention, Desire and Truth linked together by the Free Will.



The foundation of existence is Feeling.
The experience of existence occurs when I Feel my Self.
Within my Self, there exist an instrument called Intention.
With Intention, I can desire to Feel more and more of my Self.
As Feeling increases, I discover new or heightened attributes within my Self.
Each increase in my Feelings, automatically triggers family memories for me to feel and release.
Releasing family memories increases my capacity to Feel.
3 months of continuous increase of my feelings sets in motion a new pattern of Self discovery.
Triggered emotional reactions are different from Feelings I intentionally open within my Self.
I am the only one who can open my feelings.

to be continued,,,