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The Patient Database The paperless office is no longer a dream.

Keeping all of your patient records in the one database eliminates laborious manual searching through hundreds of records.

You’ll love the efficiency of this patient and practice management tool and wonder how you ever practiced without it!

With instant retrieval of patient details, appointments, prescriptions, receipts, reminders, patient history, information sheets and marketing tools all right at your fingertips with only the click of a button!

Health Appraisal & Diagnostic Systems HealthQuest provides you with many unique tools for more accurate health assessments, giving you the professional edge.

The overall Health appraisal and Brain Nuerotransmitter Analysis Graphs are generated within HealthQuest.

The associated questionnaires can be posted, faxed or emailed to a client for them to complete and bring with them when they come for their consultation. This saves you an enourmous amount of time during a consultation, and makes it much easier to accurately diagnose your patient’s problem and plan treatment.

Charting your patient’s progress over time allows them to see just how well they are doing with your expert support.

Segmental Bio–Impedance Analysis Wouldn’t it be great if you had motivated patients, excited about returning to check their progress?

Your patients will love to see the changes to their body composition taking place as a result of your recommended health programs. The Segmental Bio-Impedance Analysis system allows you to measure a patient’s physique and inner health, starting with children as young as 5!

This state of the art measuring instrument has four foot pads ensuring better contact and hand held contacts for bilateral and segmental readings giving you superior accuracy.

Measurements include weight, total body fat, segmental body fat measurement of each arm, each leg and trunk area, visceral fat, total body and segmental muscle mass readings, total body water, bone mass and metabolic age.

HealthQuest’s latest BIA system measures much more than competing systems and offers you great value and at only a fraction of the cost of other BIA programs that sell for as much as $8,000.

The BIA tutorials in the form of mini-movies provided with your software package offer you training from the comfort of your own home or office.

For further details on our BIA system click here

Biochemical Screening Enter clinical pathology results directly into the Biochemical Screening program for instant analysis.

Afterwards, simply view and print the full colour reports for a more detailed analysis and professional presentation to your patient.

Digital Meridian Imaging

Analyse the balance of ‘Chi’ or ‘Life Force’ as well as body and organ function using the MeridiGraph Meridian Imaging System. This program, based on the life work of Prof. Nakatini (the creator of the Ryodoraku system), uses the principles of Chinese Acupuncture and the ‘Law of Five Elements’.

You will see great results with your patients using laser stimulation to produce tonification or sedation of specific Acupuncture Command Points. This is just the beginning of this exciting system.

The Knowledge Database

Having all the answers you need in one place to treat your patient enhances your professionalism and improves your results.
This sophisticated database gives you access to an extensive directory of treatment protocols, diets and supplements. It also includes Henry Osiecki’s pioneering work on clinical nutrition and cancer!

This advanced knowledge database allows you to build in your own and edit existing protocols, dietary and lifestyle advice. And you can upload information from the latest seminar.

Financial Management

Doing your books with HealthQuest saves you enormous amounts of time and money, not to mention headaches come tax time! Plan for your financial future with much more success.

The Financial Management tool includes:
¤ receipts
¤ daily takings
¤ cash flow reports
¤ income
¤ expenses
¤ liabilities
¤ debt destroyer
¤ business builder
¤ budgeting
¤ cash book
¤ BAS reports

Cash Book & Sales Reports

At the end of the day you can check on sales and daily takings and generate a wide range of reports – enough to suit everyone’s needs.
The Cash Book allows you to enter financial details such as credits, expenses, payments, banking, credit cards and inventory. You can do your BAS return in a fraction of the time it would take you to do your return manually with just the click of a button.

Invoices — Receipts The Tax Invoice – Receipts database is a vital part of HealthQuest’s practice and financial management system.
The straightforward Receipts program has many great features, including integration with several programs, such as the stock control system. Your stock will order itself!

As you add items to a patients receipt using the auto-enter quick-entry system, they are automatically deducted from your current stock levels, keeping your stock control system in balance.

Stock Control & Ordering

Manage your stock and dispensary with ease. You can automatically check your stock levels to detect stock losses and to prevent over or under stocking levels.

Once you have decided what stock to order, you can send your orders to your suppliers directly from HealthQuest via fax.

Herbal Prescriptions You’ll love not having to average out the cost of herbal formulas which can leave you out of pocket.

HealthQuest can automatically calculate formula costs – in an instant. You can access previous prescriptions and create your own commonly used herbal formulas.

Appointments If you wish to run your practice near its full potential, one of the most important areas is the list of client appointments.

HealthQuest’s ‘Traffic Light’ system lets you see at a glance just how well you are running your reception. This system is intuitive and easy to use, so you can visually track all appointments and changes.

We all know the frustration of patients cancelling or changing their appointments at the last minute, or just not turning up! Your good clients deserve your undivided attention. HeathQuest helps you achieve this. And you can insert the patient’s next appointment directly onto their receipt. Your patient’s are less likely to lose the receipt than their appointment card.

The Marketing System Enhancing the relationship with your patients will help you to achieve better patient compliance, results and repeat appointments. Using HealthQuest’s marketing system you can segment your patient data base and develop a specific marketing program designed to meet their individual needs.

You can also provide personalised communications with relevant content to assist them on their health quest. It will also help generate new referrals. Whatfs more, you can implement an entire e-marketing program (via email) that wonft cost you a cent! You can create marketing programs for:

» Birthdays … everyone loves to have
their birthday remembered!
» Monthly newsletters & patient seminars . provides useful tools for reconnecting with patients you have not seen for a while.
» Information mail-outs.. can be sent to patients with a particular condition such as Arthritis.
» Find patients.. who have not been to see you for 3 or 6 months and send them information that will encourage them to come back to see you.

Marketing that uses a powerful database such as HealthQuest will help generate higher income more rapidly than slow manual methods of marketing. The success you deserve is just around the corner.

Training & Support Getting started with HealthQuest is a breeze. Our new and convenient training method uses a series of mini-movies that run on the average from 1 to 6 minutes.

You only need to watch the particular mini-movie that covers the part of the program that interests you at the time.

Internet and phone support is also available.

HealthQuest Live Demonstration
If you are in Brisbane or Melbourne and would like a Live Demonstration, please give us a call and make an appointment to see the HealthQuest Patient & Practice Manager in action.

HealthQuest Program Remote Preview
You can have a live, hands on demonstration of HealthQuest in Your Own Home or Office.

This can be done from anywhere in the World using the free TeamViewer remote access program via your Internet connection!

You can sit in your home or office and see HealthQuest demonstrated and even have a play with the program yourself.

You can ask what ever question you wish about the program and have it demonstrated to you immediately on-screen. Nothing could be easier

For Further Information … Program Sales … After Sales Support … or…If you would like a FREE program preview please contact.

Now measuring Intra Cellular & Extra Cellular Water


Intra Cellular Water (ICW)Intracellular Water is the fluid found inside cells. Usually 40% of your body weight is intracellular water.Extra Cellular Water (ECW)Extracellular Water is the body fluid found outside of cells.The healthy ratio of Extra Cellular Water and Total Body Water is around 40%. In some cases malnutrition, aging and high fat levels may cause the ratio to be higher than 40%. Athletes tend to have a lower ratio of less than 36%. Continue to monitor this ratio on a regular basis


Muscle quality

Are you as strong as you look?

When we want to see whether someone is strong, we often look at the size of their muscles. Someone who has large, bulging muscles must be able to lift a lot. However, the truth is more nuanced than that. Not only the quantity of your muscles is important, but also the muscle quality.

Two people whose muscles are equally big may therefore have different levels of strength. Even within one person there can be differences. The left leg can for example be stronger than the right one. It is important to be aware of this, as that can lead to injury.

Why does muscle quality differ?

Your muscles consist of two major types of tissue. Firstly, there is contractile tissue. As the name suggests, this contracts and produces force. The other type is non-contractile tissue. This consists of connective tissue and fat. Connective tissue keeps the muscle together, and fat provides energy. The more contractile tissue a muscle consists of, the stronger it is and the higher the muscle quality is.

As said, you need some non-contractile tissue. However, if fat levels are especially high the muscle will be less strong and muscle quality will be lower. Ageing also negatively affects the quality of your muscles in different ways.

Differences within one person

These differences in muscle quality are not only a factor between individuals. There can even be differences within one person. For example, in a runner, the left leg’s muscle might be stronger than the right. The left leg then produces more strength than the right one. That can have a negative impact on the stance of his hips and even lead to injury.

Improving your muscle quality

We know that more contractile tissue means better muscle quality. That means there are two things we can do to improve ours: making our contractile tissue stronger or decreasing the amount of non-contractile tissue. Luckily, strength training helps with both of these things. So, even if you are an avid runner, it might be a good idea to pick up some weights.

How do you measure muscle quality?

To keep your body balanced and check if you are doing well, it is smart to keep tabs on your muscle quality. In the past, this wasn’t possible without visiting a doctor. However, technology has progressed and you can now measure your muscle quality at home with the Tanita RD-953  Body Composition Monitor. Of course, it also measures everything our other Body Composition Monitors do. Once measured, it will provide a muscle quality score. You can use the following table to evaluate the result:

Muscle quality score

Male age18-2930-3940-4950-5960-6970-79> 80
High quality> 74> 73> 70> 64> 56> 46> 39
Low quality< 48< 46< 43< 38< 32< 24< 20


Female age18-2930-3940-4950-5960-6970-79> 80
High quality> 68> 70> 69> 67> 61> 54> 50
Low quality< 47< 47< 44< 40< 33< 25< 21

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HealthQuest Patient and Practice Manager



Version PPM 11.5

(plus GST & shipping)


Dual Mauve


HealthQuest Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA)

Segmental Body Composition Analysis System



Version BIA 11.5

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Dual Mauve


HealthQuest Patient and Practice Manager + BIA


… this includes …


The HealthQuest BIA system



Version PPM-BIA 11.5

(plus GST & shipping)

You save $1000!


Dual Mauve


Networking HealthQuest




You can run your clinic even more efficiently when you network HealthQuest. Your receptionist can take appointments, write receipts, enter basic information plus questionnaire and test results while in your treatment and consultation room, you can enter visit information and treatment details.

The person in the dispensary can make up formulas etc. and enter all relevant details into the client records and into the receipts as well. You clinic as a result will run much more smoothly and efficiently with a whole lot less stress.

The price includes installing the extra software required to run HealthQuest on any additional computer you wish to network and then linking the additional computers to the main host computer running HealthQuest.

The price does not include setting up you local area network and setting program and operator permissions. This work may need to be done by your local computer support person.


The Licence Price for Each Additional Computer – $410

(plus GST)