In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) there is an appreciation of the falling of leaves, the slowing and cooling of the energies of nature that occurs in the Autumn season. It is a time to gather, to increase our grounding energy and ideally a time of self-nurturing.

It is an important time to let go of what is not serving us both energetically and through detoxification.

It is wise to include foods that support the Lungs and Large Intestine meridians such as white foods e.g. pears, radishes, daikon radish, cauliflower, and cabbage. Herbs like reishi mushrooms and astragalus support the Lung energy and the immune system. Start to include more warming foods and less raw foods as the weather starts to cool. It is also important for our immune systems to include the major antioxidants of the body… vitamins A, C, E, selenium and zinc.

Peace is the main reservoir of the immune system. Are you getting enough Rest? Meditation? Yoga? Sleep? Is there something you could let go of to increase the nurturing of self? Is there someone you need to forgive?… forgiveness can bring great levels of peace to the heart.

Sweating (although not in excess) can be beneficial at this time to detoxify the skin. Stay well hydrated and include exercise or saunas as part of your routine.

If this care is not taken we are more affected by the change in season, colds and flus may force us to rest and fevers will force sweating upon us.

For the Lung meridian ‘remember to breathe’… let my beautiful wife Lucy at Yoga Rising take you to the breath with awareness.