Free Rayid Webinar next Thursday!

I will give an overview of the Rayid model exploring philosophy, duality, opposites and complements within the iris personality types and Rayid Birth Order.

I will discuss in some detail 2 iris signs and the connections between the physical view of the iris and the deeper emotional / spiritual aspects of these signs.

1. Rings of Freedom  (known as Nerve Rings in the physical view of the iris)
2. Rings of Harmony (known as Lymphatic Rosary in the physical view of the iris)

Alumni Webinar Series | Introduction to Rayid Iridology

I hope to see you there.

Light & Love



“To look into the iris is to be kneeling before the sacred cathedral of the soul”.
This course will change the way you view health and healing. Whether you are a health practitioner, student or simply have an interest in wellbeing, this course will enrich your understanding of what it means to heal. Whether you choose to use this information in your professional practice or just with yourself, friends and family, you will learn about how the iris and genetics impact health. It has been a core influence in my practice, both professionally and privately. Jason Eldridge is an exceptional presenter who teaches with humility, humour and a passion for this priceless modality.
With gratitude Katerina