Vitamin C & Lysine

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Vitamin C + L-Lysine are combined to assist the cardiovascular system .It is based on the Linus Pauling Protocols to help reduce Lipoprotein A and revitalize all body systems. Vitamin and Lysine are combined to form a potent formula that may help lower cholesterol, reduce atherosclerotic plaque, relieve Angina Pectoris, strengthen the cardiovascular system, reduce stress levels, provide antioxidant protection and help boost the body’s own natural immunity levels. Vitamin C is considered to be a “natural” HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor. Endogenous cholesterol is produced by the HMG-CoA pathway and high levels of Vitamin C inhibit this enzyme, therefore it may help lower cholesterol levels.Vitamin C and lysine are both Lp(a) binding inhibitors. They increase the blood flow as plaque in the arterial wall dissolves .They achieve this by beginning a chemical process that reverses the occlusion, making the artery better able to dilate as necessary. Lysine binding sites are created on the walls of blood vessels by injury / lesions and attract Lp(a) cholesterol, which forms the original plaque deposits .It is believed that a deficiency in vitamin C leads to the formation of these lesions .By supplementing with lysine, extra lysine molecules enter the bloodstream. These molecules then compete with the lysyl residues on the blood vessel walls and therefore may help to prevent Lp(a) from being deposited or even possibly remove and destroy atherosclerotic plaques.

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