Cancer: The Importance of Clinical Nutrition in Prevention and Treatment by Henry Osiecki


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Henry Osiecki
Release Date: 01 March 2012
Format: Paperback / softback
Pages: 616
Publisher: ORTHOPLEX 1AF
ISBN: 9781875239429

Cancer – The Importance of Clinical Nutrition in Prevention & Treatment comprehensively details the impact of Clinical Nutrition on Cancer – from both a theoretical, physiological and practical perspective. Covering all aspects of the physiology and biochemistry of cancer, it further and most importantly offers suggested practical Nutritional Guidelines for the treatment of many Cancers.

It is an invaluable text containing comprehensive information on:
– What is Cancer?
– Biochemical Aspects of numerous Cancers
– Theoretical Models of Carcinogenesis
– Cancer and Metastasis Prevention
– The Basis of Chemotherapy and Detoxification from Cancer
– The Effects of Radiotherapy including Dietary and Nutritional suggestions
– Surgery and Nutrition including the Nutrients that Support Healing
– Diet-Cancer interaction and Calorie-restricted Ketogenic Diet Cancer

The Importance of Clinical Nutrition in Prevention & Treatment:
– Outlines the risk factors, symptoms and medical treatment for numerous cancer types.
– Offers Practical Nutritional Guidelines and Dietary Suggestions for the treatment of common cancers.
– Discusses food sources that are potential Carcinogens and outlines potential Anti-Carcinogenic nutrients, minerals, amino acids and herbs.
– Offers Dietary Advice including foods to add or avoid and suggested Dietary Changes.

This is a must have book for any clinician, student or for anyone who strives for optimal health! Australian. Also by the Author: 9781875239535 NUTRIENT BIBLE – 8TH EDITION

Chapter Content:
Part A: The Physiology and Biochemistry of Cancer
Chapter 1: Understanding Cancer
Chapter 2: Theoretical Models of Carcinogenesis
Chapter 3: Cancer Prevention
Chapter 3: Metastasis and its Prevention
Chapter 5: Chemotherapy

Part B: Guidelines that Support Cancer Treatment
Chapter 6: Suggested Nutritional Guidelines for the Treatment of Cancer
Chapter 7: Nutrition and Radiotherapy
Chapter 8: Surgery, Wound Healing and Nutrition
Chapter 9: Astrocytoma/Glioma
Chapter 10: Bladder Cancer
Chapter 11: Breast Cancer
Chapter 12: Cervical Cancer
Chapter 13: Colorectal Cancer
Chapter 14: Endometrial Cancer/Uterine Cancer
Chapter 15: Leukemia
Chapter 16: Liver Cancer/Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Chapter 17: Lung Cancer
Chapter 18: Lymphoma
Chapter 19: Melanoma
Chapter 20: Prostate Cancer
Chapter 21: Skin Cancer
Chapter 22: Stomach Cancer/Gastric Cancer
Chapter 23: Diet-Cancer Prevention Strategies
Chapter 24: Calorie-Restricted Ketogenic Diet
Chapter 25: Re-feeding Syndrome
Chapter 26: Nutritional Treatment of Cancer Symptoms
Chapter 27: Suggested Nutrition Dosages

About the Author
Henry Osiecki graduated from the University of Queensland in 1973 with a Bachelor of Science degree and a Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics from the Queensland University of Technology in 1976.

As a leading Clinical Nutritionist in Australia for over 20 years, in the past two decades he has changed practitioners perception of nutritional thinking from diet based to biochemically and physiologically based.

He has lectured extensively and is a much sought after seminar lecturer and has been a guest lecturer at the Queensland University, Queensland University of Technology and lectured at the 1st and 2nd Oceania Symposium on Complementary Medicine, as well as holding the position of Chairman for four years for the Oceania Symposium on Complementary Medicine.

A number of his books are used as textbooks in colleges. His publications include “The Physician’s Handbook of Clinical Nutrition”, “Hypernutrition for Sport”, “The Nutrient Bible”, “The Asthma Breakthrough” and, more recently “Cancer: a Nutritional / Biochemical Approach edition I and II”.

He has also written regularly for the Courier Mail as a Nutritional journalist since 1990 as well as having a weekly radio programe and numerous TV interviews on nutritional issues.

Henry’s recent focus in the area of cancer is an accumulation of years of research with modern day cutting-edge science. Henry has brought together medical models and traditional therapies to form a comprehensive understanding of the biochemical processes involved in cancer development. He has expanded his theoretical constructs of cancer to include the effects of chemotherapy and surgery, nutritional guidelines for specific cancers, metastasis and cancer prevention programs. Henry believes that sharing the knowledge he has gained from his extensive research on this topic will benefit all health practitioners in clinical practice.

Henry Osiecki has authored a number of books including The Physician’s Handbook of Clinical Nutrition, Cancer: A Nutritional / Biochemical Approach, Asthma Breakthrough, Nutrient Bible, Food of the Gods and Hypernutrition for Sport.

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