Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine draws on a vast traditional knowledge that has come together to form a safe and modern therapeutic tool. Contemporary herbalists are able access a history spanning thousands of years of tried and tested natural medicines from Chinese, Ayurvedic, European, North American Indian and other native traditions. Many of today’s pharmaceutical medications have their origin in our herbal remedies; aspirin from willowbark is one such example. Herbal medicines may be prescribed alone or alongside other natural therapies. With a knowledge of herb / drug interactions they may also be used with orthodox prescriptions to enhance healing or to decrease the side effects of some medications. Jason and Ally use the highest quality herbal medicines (organic where possible) from leading Australian suppliers Mediherb , Herbal Extract Company and Optimal Rx . We stock a large herbal medicine dispensary of liquid herbal tinctures enabling us to individualise the herbal medicine mixtures we prescribe for our patients.

‘Planet Earth, what a beautiful & bounteous world to call home! The more we turn our attention towards the nature of our relationship with the environment, the more profound become the insights into the close embrace we share. Whether on the global scale of our effects upon climate and the climates effects upon us, or at the biochemical level of plants as medicines, the connections revealed are powerful and very real. Of the many ways in which our ecological inter-relatedness shows itself, the art and science of Herbal Medicine is for many people the most unexpected.

Above all else, Herbalism is the medicine of belonging, the direct experience of the whole healing the part. Our world blesses us with herbs, with leaves of life. In the face of blind abuse and rape of nature, we discover remedies that can help us survive the impact of humanity’s mistakes. To heal ourselves we must know ourselves, and all of ecology, spirituality, intuition and common sense tells us that we are all one. If our world is sick and poisoned then so are we. If the forests are being destroyed, then we die a little with each felling. Every whale that is respected and let live, blesses us. Each river cleaned and renewed, flows through our veins and renews us.

Humanity is being faced with the realities of a shared planet. This may take the form of a drought caused by the green house effect, pollution induced birth defects or the purgatory of human overpopulation. On the other hand it may be the dawning recognition that the intimate embrace of our world is a healing force moving humanity towards a transformation of our relationship with the earth, ourselves and each other.’

By David L. Hoffmann B.Sc. (Hons), M.N.I.M.H.

We stock a large range of herbal tinctures at the clinic.

Herbal Materia Medica.

Botanical Name


Achillea millefolium

Diaphoretic, digestive tonic,


circulatory stimimulant, mucous


membrane tonic, amennagogue

Adhatoda vasica

Expectorant, bronchodilator,


antiasthmatic, oxytocic

Aesculus hippocastanum

Astringent, antihaemorrhagic,

Horse Chestnut

anti-inflammatory, diuretic, vascular tonic

Agrimonia eupatoria

Astringent, haemostatic, tissue


healer, diuretic, bitter

Agropyrum repens

Diuretic, demulcet, relieves

Couch Grass

irritation & spasm in urinary tract

Albizzia lebek

Antiallergic, antimicrobial, mast cell


stabilising, hyporcholesterolaemic

Alchemillia vulgaris

Astringent, uterine astringent,

Lady’s Mantle

digestive tonic, alterative

Allium sativum

Antiseptic, hypotensive, platelet agg’n


inhibitor, immune enhancer, expectorant

Althaea officinalis (rad)

Rad: Soothing, demulcent, relaxing


expectorant, vulnerary

Andrographis paniculata

Bitter, choleretic, immunostimulant,


hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory

Anemone pulsatilla

Analgesic, spasmolytic,

Pasque flower

bactericidal, gen sedative

Angelica archangelica

Antispasmodic, carminative, bitter

Angelica Root

warming- strengthens the gut, tonic,

relaxing expectorant

Angelica sinensis

Uterine tonic, hormonal balancer,

Dong Quai

oestrogenic, anti-inflammatory,

antianemic, mild laxative, spasmolytic, warming to circulation, antiarrhythmic

Apium graveolens

Anti rheumatic, alterative, antiarthritic,

Celery Seed

diuretic, carminative, urinary antiseptic

Articum lappa

Alterative, diuretic, diaphoretic,


cholagogue, laxative, bitter

Arctostaphylos Uva-Ursi

Urinary antiseptic, astringent,


and tonic to urinary  and GI tract

Arnica montana

Stimulates blood supply locally,


local healing, antiinflammatory

Artemesia absinthium

Antiparasitic, bitter, cholagogue,


anti-inflammatory,carminative, hepatic

Asclepias tuberosa

Diaphoretic, relaxing expectorant

Pleurisy root

Astragalis membranaceus

Immunostimulant, antiviral, cardiotonic


adaptogen, diuretic, hypotensive, tonic

Avena sativa

Thymoleptic, NS restorative, uterine


tonic, sedative, nutritive, galactagogue, antidepressant, sedative

Bacopa monniera

Nervine tonic, mild sedative, mild


anticonvulcent, anti-inflammatory

Baptisia tinctora

Anti-microbial/ viral, antiseptic, anti-

Wild Indigo

catarrhal, lymphatic, cholagogue

Barosma betulina

Urinary antiseptic, diuretic, carminative


Berberis aquifolium

Mild cholagogue & laxative,

Oregon Grape


Berberis vulgaris

Bitter digestive tonic, cholagogue,


alterative, antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory

Bupleurum falcatum

Anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective

Bupleurum (Chai Hu)

antitussive, alterative, adaptogen

Calendula officinalis

Vulnerary, astringent, antiseptic, styptic,


antifungal, anti-inflam, oestrogenic

Capsella bursa-pastoris

Styptic & anti-haemorrhagic, diuretic,

Shepherd’s Purse

uterine stimulant, astringent

Capsicum minimum spp

Diaphoretic, circ. stimulant, carminative,

Cayenne Pepper

spasmolytic, adjuvant, hypoglycaemic

Cassia sp. fruit

Stimulating laxative, uterine stimulant,

Senna Pods

Caulophyllum thalictroides

Spasmolytic, emmenagogue,

Blue Cohosh

uterine tonic, antirheumatic

Centella asiatica

Gentle cerebral & adrenal stim, bitter

Gotu Kola

relaxant, alterative, anti-rheumatic

Chamaelirium luteum

Uterine tonic, bitter, amphoteric to

False Unicorn Root

ovary, assists in poor stamina & spirits

Chelidonium majus

Hepatic tonic, cholagogue, laxative

Greater Celandine

antispasmodic, anti-inflam,

Chionanthus virginicus

Cholagogue, hepatic, laxative, diuretic

Fringe Tree

alterative, diuretic

Cimicifuga racemosa

Alterative, antispasmodic & NS sedative

Black Cohosh

antirheumatic, emmenagogue, alterative

anti-inflammatory, antitussive, nervine

Cinnamomum zeylanicum

Astringent, antihaemorrhagic,


warming aromatic tonic, carminative

Codonopsis pilosula

Adaptogen, nutritive,


Coleus forskohlii

Hypotensive, antiglaucoma,


antiplatelet, bronchospasmolytic,


Commiphora molmol

Antimicrobial, antiseptic, astringent


anticatarrhal, carminative, expectorant

Crataegus monogyna/

Cardiac trophorestorative, vasodilator


of coronary vessels, gen visceral relax.

Hawthorn Berries

increases sensitisation to cardioactive glycosides

Crataeva nurvala

Antilithic, bladder tonic,



Curcuma longa

Cholagogue, aromatic digestive, anti-


inflammatory, carminative, antimicrobial

Cynara scolymus

Cholagogue, hepatic trophorestorative,

Globe Artichoke


Dioscorea villosa

Antispasmodic to gut & uterus, anti-

Wild Yam

inflam, anti-rheumatic, cholagogue,

oestrogenic action, diuretic

Drosera longifolia

Relaxing expectorant, demulcent


antiseptic, antispasmodic

Echinacia Blend 1

Immune enhancing, antimicrobial,

alterative, antiallergy, anti-inflammatory

Echinacea angustifolia

Immune enhancing, antimicrobial,

Echinacea purpurea

alterative, antiallergy, anti-inflammatory


Eleutherococcus senticosis

Stimulating adaptogen, circulatory

Siberian Ginseng

stimulant and vasodilator

Equisetum arvense

Genito-urinary astringent, anti-inflam


diuretic, vulnerary, alterative

Erythrea centaurium

Stimulant to digestive system and


sedative to nervous system, bitter,

decongestant, cholagogue, carminative

Eschscholzia california

Anodyne, sedative, hypnotic,

California Poppy


Eupatorium perforatum

Diaphoretic, spasmolytic, tonic,


relaxes mucous membranes, cholagogue

peripheral vasodilator, anti-pyretic

Euphorbia hirta

Antiasthmatic, spasmolytic,


expectorant & sedative

Euphrasia officinalis

Anticatarrhal, anti-inflammatory,



Filipendula ulmaris

Gastrointestinal relaxant, anodyne


antipyretic, antiinflammatory, anti-

rheumatic, astringent, antiseptic diuretic

Flavouring Mix

Licorice/ Fennel/ Citrus

Foeniculum vulgare

Carminative, antispasmodic, aromatic


digestive, galactagogue, expectorant

Fucus vesiculosis

Antihypothyroid, antirheumatic, gentle


metabolic stimulator, nutritive, alterative, immune stimulant

Galium aparine

Alterative, affects both the lymphatics

Clivers (Succus)

and kidneys, anti-inflammatory, diuretic

Gentian lutea

Bitter tonic, digestive stimulant,


cholagogue, sialagogue, antiinflamatory

Ginko biloba

Circulatory stim, antithrombotic, anti-


inflammatory, antiallergic, antioxidant

PAF inhibitor, strengthens and relaxes blood vessels

Glycyrrhiza glabra

Major action: anti-inflammatory


demulcent, relaxing expectorant,


spasmolytic on visceral smooth muscle,


adaptogen (adrenal), mild laxative,


counters effects of cortisone creams.


Heoatoprotective, antiviral


Grindelia camporum

Antispasmodic, relaxing expectorant,


demulcent, relaxing/ sedative- dose dependent

Guiaicum officinalis

Antirheumatic, anti-inflammatory

Guiaicum resin

Gymnema sylvestre

Hypoglycaemic, antidiabetic,



Harpagophytum procumbens

Anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic

Devil’s Claw


Humulus lupulus

CNS sedative, sedative, hypnotic,


antimicrobial, anti-spasmodic, astringent

Hydrastis canadensis

Immune stimulant, mucous membrane


tonic, hepatic stim & laxative, tonic,

astringent, anticatarrhal, muscular

stimulant, oxytocic, bitter

Hypericum perforatum

Relaxant nervine, sedative, thymoleptic,

St John’s Wort

antidepressant, anxiolytic, analgesic,

antiviral, antiparasitic, alterative,

expectorant, anticatarrhal, analgesic

Hyssopus officinalis

Astringent, relaxing expectorant, anti


spasmodic, diaphoretic, sedative &

carminative, peripheral vasodilator

Inula helenium

Gentle stimulating tonic expectorant


with diaphoretic & diuretic actons

Iris versicolor

Stim liver & pancreas, stimulant to

Blue Flag

circulation & lymphatics, alterative,

diuretic, cholagogue, antiinflammatory

Juniperis communis

Urinary antiseptic, diuretic, carminative


digestive tonic, antirheumatic

Lactuca virosa

Sedative, anodyne


Larrea mexicana (fol)

Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial,


Leonurus cardiaca

Mild sedative & relaxant, spasmolytic,


emmenagogue, cardiac tonic

Ligusticum wallichii

Relaxant (smooth muscle), uterine

Szechuan Lovage Root

relaxant, alterative, sedative

Marrubium vulgaris

Expectorant (stim), spasmolytic,

White Horehound

bitter, cholagogue, decongestant

Matricaria recutita

General body & visceral relaxant, anti-


inflam, spasmolytic, antiseptic, vulnerary

bitter, anxiolytic, analgesic, carminative

Medicago sativa

Nutritive tonic, alterative, diuretic,


hypocholesterolemic, hormonal balancer- estrogen excess

Melissa officinalis

Nervine, carminative, antispasmodic

Lemon Balm

diaphoretic, peripheral vasodilator,

stomachic, antiviral, hypotensive

Mentha piperita

Spasmolytic, carminative, digestive


tonic, diaphoretic decongestant,


anti-emetic, cholagogue, hepatic, bitter,

nervine, antimicrobial, diaphoretic

Mitchella repens

Tonic to reproductive organs, diuretic,

Squaw Vine

emmenagogue, astringent, tonic

Myrica cerifera

Warming circulatory stimulant, astringent,


diaphoretic, antiseptic

Paeonia lactifolia

Antispasmodic, relaxant (skeletal muscle)

White Paeony (Bai Shao)

anti-inflam, antiallergic, immune enhancer, cognition enhancer

Paeonia suffruticosa

Antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory

cognition enhancer, antiallergic,

immune enhancing, mild skeletal muscle relaxant

Panax ginseng

Thymoleptic, stimulating adaptogen,

Chinese Ginger

tonic, hypoglycaemic, antiinflammitory,

immunostimulant, hepatoprotective, cardioprotective, antiarrhythmic

Passiflora incarnata

Sedative, hypnotic, antispasmodic,


anodyne, peripheral vasodilator, diuretic

Phytolacca americanum

Antirheumatic, anticatarrhal, mild

Poke Root

anodyne, parasiticide, fungicide,

lymphatic, alterative

Picrorrhiza kurroa

Hepatoprotective, bitter tonic, anti-


inflamm, antiallergic, immune stimulant,

chronic lymphatic congestion

Piper methysticum

Antimicrobial, diuretic, sedative, hypnotic

Kava Kava

spasmolytic, carminative, anxiolytic, antimicrobial

Piscidia erythrina

Sedative, anodyne

Jamaican Dogwood

Polygala tenuifolia

Expectorant, sedative

Chinese Senga (Yuan Zhi)

Propolis Resin

Antimicrobial, antiseptic, antibiotic

Bee Glue

enhancer, antifungal, antiparasitic

Prunus serotina

Antitussive, stim expectorant (day),

Wild Cherry

relax expectorant (night), mild sedative,

astringent, digestive bitter

Rhamnus purshiana

Mild purgative, bitter tonic, astringent,

Cascara Segrada

cholagogue, antiparasitic

Rhemannia glutinosa (raw)

Antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-

Di Huang

haemorrhagic, antiarthritic, kidney tonic

Rhemannia glutinosa (cured)

Promotes blood production,

Shu Di Huang

Rosmarinus officinalis

Peripheral circulatory stimulant,


diaphoretic, antispasmodic, carminative, cholagogue

Rubus ideaus

Astringent , uterine tonic

Raspberry leaves

Rumex crispus

Mild purgative, cholagogue, antipuritic

Yellow Dock

alterative, skin tonic, iron tonic

Ruscus aculeatus

Anti-inflammatory, constrictive

Butcher’s Broom

action on venous system

Ruta graveolens

Spasmolytic, emmenagogue,


antitussive, abortifacient

Salix alba

Strong anti-inflammatory, anodyne, anti-

White Willow

rheumatic, bitter, astringent, antipyretic

Salvia officinalis

Antiseptic, anhydrotic, astringent,


antispasmodic, antiseptic

Sambucus nigra

Diaphoretic, anticatarrhal, diuretic

Elder Flowers

expectorant, antiinflam, laxative, alterative

Schisandra chinensis

Hepatoprotective, nervine tonic,


adaptogenic, antitussive

Scrophularia nodosa

Alterative, dermatological agent,


mild diuretic, increases myocardial contraction

Scutellaria biacalensis

anti-inflammatory, antiallergic,

Baical Skullcap

antibacterial, mild sedative, hypotensive, diuretic, bitter

Scutellaria laterifolia

Nervine, sedative, antispasmodic,


diuretic, anticonvulsive

Serenoa serrulata

Anabolic agent, tonic to reproductive

Saw Palmetto

organs & nasal & mucous membranes

Silybum marianum

Hepatoprotective, cholagogue, bitter,

St Mary’s Thistle

galactagogue, demulcent, antioxidant,

liver trophorestorative,



Similax ornata

Alterative & mild circulatory stim,

Native Sarsaparilla

antirheumatic, antipuritic, diuretic

Solidaga virgaurea

Diaphoretic, antiseptic, diuretic,

Golden Rod

anticatarrhal, carminative, antiinflamm

Stachys betonicus

Sedative, bitter tonic, CNS relaxant

Wood Betony

Stellaria media

Anti-inflammatory (skin), wound

Chickweed (succus)

healer, herbal cortisone, demulcent

Stillingia Sylvatica

Sialogogue, expectorant, diaphoretic,

Queen’s Delight

dermatological agent, astringent, spasmolytic

Tabebuia avellanedae

Alterative, antibiotic, anti-inflam,

Pau d’Arco

antiviral, antiparasitic, antitumor

Tanacetum parthenium

Anti-inflammatory, vasodilatory,


relaxant, dig stim, uterine stimulant

Taraxacum officinale (fol)

Diuretic, antirheumatic, alterative, bitter,

rad and fol

cholagogue, stimulating liver tonic.

Taraxacum officinale (rad)

Bitter, cholagogue, antirheumatic



Thuja occidentalis

Stimulant expectorant, diuretic, astringent,


Stim uterus & heart muscle, alterative

Thymus vulgaris

Astringent, spasmolytic, carminative


bacteriocidal, antiseptic expectorant

Tilea spp. europaea

Diaphoretic, sedative, slight diuretic,

Lime Flowers

spasmolytic, peripheral vasodilator

Trifolium pratense

Alterative, expectorant, spasmolytic,

Red Clover

nervine, dermatological agent

Trigonella foenum-graecum

Nutritive & digestive tonic, galactagogue


hypoglycaemic, anti-inflammatory, expectorant

Turnea diffusa

Antidepressant, thymoleptic, nerve tonic


trophorestorative to reproductive system, hormone balancer

Tylophora indica

Antiasthmatic, anti-inflamm, expectorant,


immunodepressant, antiallergic

Uncaria tormentosa

Antioxidant, antimicrobial,

Cat’s Claw

anti-inflammatory, antitumour

Urtica spp. dioica

Alterative, antihaemorrhagic, nutritive

Stinging Nettle

tonic, hypoglycaemic, astringent, antirheumatic, galactagogue, antiasthmatic

Vaccinium myrtillus

Collagen stabiliser, vasoprotective,


antioxidant, antiinflammatory, anti-platelet

Valeriana officinalis

Muscle relaxant, sedative, spasmolytic

Valerian Root

carminative, hypotensive, hypnotic

Verbascum thapsus

Expectorant (relax), lung tonic,


antispasmodic, alterative, anodyne,

Verbena officinalis

Relaxant, sedative, thymoleptic, digestive


emmenagogue, anxiolytic, hepatic

Viburnum opulus

Spasmolytic, sedative, astringent, cardiac

Cramp Bark

tonic, anti-inflammatory, emmenagogue

Viburnum prunifolium

Uterine tonic, spasmolytic, astringent,

Black Haw

hypotensive, diuretic, analgesic

Viscum album

Hypotensive, vasodilator, diuretic,


antiinflamm, antacid, antirheumatic

Vitex angus castus

Amphoteric (pred progesogenic)

Chaste Tree Berry

emmenagogue, galactagogue, relaxant

depresses desire in men, female aphrodesiac

Withania somnifera

Adaptogen, nervine sedative, spasmolytic

Ginseng Indian

on s.m., anti-inflammatory, hypotensive

Zanthoxylum clavaherculis

Circulatory stimulant, astringent,

Prickly Ash

alterative, lymphatic, hepatic, carminative

Zea mays

Soothing diuretic to urinary tract, anti-

Corn Silk

lithic, tonic to urinary tract

Zingiberis officinalis

Circulatory stimulant, spasmolytic,


carminative, PAF inhibitor, aromatic


digestive, antiinflamm, hypocholesterolaemic

Zizyphus spp.

Sedative, hypnotic, hypotensive

Sugar Palm