6 Tips to Combat Hangovers…

Here are our top 6 tips to prevent you and your head suffering whilst enjoying a drink or two.

  1. Activated B Vitamins – Take one as usual in the morning.  Take an extra one prior to going out, one on returning home and one first thing on waking.
  2. LipoSpheric St Mary’s Thistle – A fabulous liver herb on steroids with amazing absorption rates for incredible results! It will help you process the alcohol and it will assist in any possible damage that may occur from excessive drinking.  Contact us at the clinic to have a free mini consultation so we can dispense a quality practitioner only supplement.
  3. N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) – NAC is a form of the amino acid cysteine. It is known to help increase glutathione and reduce the acetaldehyde toxicity5 that causes many hangover symptoms. Try taking NAC (at least 500 milligrams) 30 minutes before you drink to help lessen the alcohol’s toxic effects.
  4. Water – Yes you heard it.  Water, water, water.  At least one full glass of room temperature water in between each drink.  Ensure you hydrate during the day prior to going out as well.  A minimum of 2L, more if it is a hot summers day. So much better if it is quality filtered water.
  5. Green Tea and regular black tea -Tea contains phytochemicals that assist the liver to function optimally.  Have a good 4 cups each day and extra the day of drinking and the day after.
  6. Fresh food – Not only when you are drinking but also post the event you need to ensure you eat well.  Fresh meals and snacks that are protein (meat, chicken, fish) and complex carbohydrate (brown rice, wholegrain sourdough, quinoa) rich so important as this will help slow down the rate at which your body absorbs the alcohol.  Don’t fall in the trap of eating stodgy foods the next day.  This won’t make you feel better… that is just a mental thing.  Choose foods with high water content such as vegetables and fruit too.  Tuck in to a vegetable juice or a protein rich smoothie when you wake up.